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Plaza-de-Espana, Seville Spain
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Situated in the Parque de Maria Luisa the Plaza de España an imposing, stunning structure, and was one of the many pavilions, and squares constructed for the Seville Spanish-American Exhibition of 1929, the Park itself being donated to the city by Princess Dona Luisa in 1893.

The Plaza de España designed by Aníbal González, is quite overwhelming at first, and is easily one of Seville's most recognised and dramatic buildings. Laid out in a semicircle The tiled Plaza de España has a diameter of 200 meters, with a central fountain and an inner mote.
Surrounding the one edge of the semicircle runs a network of buildings, galleries flanked by two spectacular towers framing the central rectangular construction. Within the galleries are fifty eight highly individually decorated, tiled alcoves, each depicting an historic episode in each province of Spain.
Semicircular arches around the gallery, lead to exits via small bridges over the mote to the central square, each individually stunningly decorated bridges represent the 4 kingdoms that constitute the Spanish crown, Castile, Leon, Aragon and Navarre before they merged in the 18th century to form the Kingdom of Spain.

Plaza-de-Espana, Seville Spain
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