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La Giralda Seville is the bell tower of the Cathedral of Seville, formally a minaret from the Almohad period. La Giralda is constructed in several distinct parts, the lower two thirds being Almohad architecture, and the upper third Spanish renaissance. It is 105 meter (343 feet) high with a 7 meter (23 feet) square base.

A copper sphere originally topped the tower but fell in an earthquake in 1365. Christians replaced the sphere with a cross and bell chamber arranged in kiosks (the work of Herman Ruiz). At the top is a statue weather vain, representing the 'triumph of faith'. The statue is known as El Giraldillo this is where the tower derives it's name.

Entrance to the tower is from inside the cathedral, to the left of the Capilla Real in the northeast corner. The tower's inner construction is nearly as impressive as the outer. There are no stairs. Instead, there is a series of 35 gently inclined ramps that are wide enough to allow two guards on horseback to pass.

El Giraldillo Seville Spain
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