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Roman Amphitheatre
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Malaga City Roman Amphitheatre

Construction of the Roman Amphitheatre (El Teatro Romano) in Malaga dates from the first century BC, under Emperor Augustus, and was used until the third century AD. It is one of the oldest Roman theaters in the Iberian Peninsula.

Remaining buried for centuries, it was discovered in 1951 during excavations to build gardens for the neighboring Centro de las Artes Ciudadanas (Citizens Arts Centre and Library) In 1995 a decision was made to demolish the Arts Center and Library, in order to continue the excavation of the site.

Although the theatre looks intact, much of it is reconstruction, many of the original theatre's stones and columns having been used by the Moors to build parts of the Alcazaba fortress.

60 years after it's re-discovery, El Teatro Romano reopened to the public as a theatre with a free performance. On 15 September 2011 the theatre held what was described as 'a simple and symbolic performance' by local artists including baritone Carlos Álvaréz, composer and flamenco guitarist Daniel Casares, and contemporary painter Andrés Mérida.

The amphitheatre is now open throughout the year for visitors, and in summer, is used for open-air performances. It seats 220 spectators.

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