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Mombasa Island

A Coral Island on the shores of the Indian Ocean, Mombasa is the second-largest city in Kenya, with one of Kenya's major ports and it's own international airport. Mombasa is rich in history and was already a flourishing Arabic trading port before Vasco da Gama arrived at Malindi in 1498. Trading spices,gold, and ivory, with Arabia and the Persian Gulf even as far as India and China. In 1505 aided by Sultan of Malindi the city was conquered by a fleet under the command of Dom Francisco de Almeida . The Portuguese, plundered and torched the town slaughtering many of its inhabitants and destroying great cultural treasures.
Mombasa island is almost enclosed by the surrounding land, Mombasa City sits on the seaward end of the island. It is linked to the Kenyan mainland by the Makupa Causway in the north-west, and by the Nyali Bridge to the east, to the south the only link to the mainland is the Likoni Ferry.
Traveling directly from Mombasa port into the city via Moi Avenue you pass directly under the Tusks, the Tusks were built in 1952, to commemorate the visit of Princess Elizabeth II. At the time Mombasa was the capital of the British East Africa Protectorate and the Ivory trade was an extremely important aspect of trade in the city.

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