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Fort Jesus

Fort Jesus is located on the coast of Mombasa Island near the Old Town. Shaped like a man when viewed from above, the fort was built by the Portuguese in the 16th century to protect the Port, it is now one of Mombasa's must see tourist attractions. The fort museum exhibits many items from archaeological excavations at Fort as well as exhibits from other sites at Gede, Manda, and Ungwana. Many of the items on display were donated by local individuals. Nearby to the 'Hall of the Mazrui' is a room displing a plaster panel of wall paintings dipicting Portugese ships, figures in armour, fish and a chameleon. it is belived that these pictures were produced by board Portugese sentries at the time. There is little text on the plaster as most of the gaurds were illiterate.
The fort has a wide variety of Weaponry from the era on show as well as torture rooms and prison cells where slaves were held before being sold and transported to many parts of the world.
No a UNESCO world heritage center, the fort opens its gates for viewing in the morning closing at dusk, the is a cafe and plenty of cover but when viewing the fort battlements and buildings in the open temperatures can get very high, hats sun lotion and light clothing is a must.

Fort jesus Battlements
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