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Approximately 20-25Km from Mombasa Kikambala is ideally suited for a peaceful holiday. Situated on the East cost of Kenya, Kikambala is a small town mostly located along the Malindi road, small villages spill off to each side, with hotels, resorts and guest houses scattered around. Much of the cost is accessed by small dirt tracks and rough roads and generally given over to hotels and resorts. Many of the fishing villages have been moved back from their original locations on the coast towards the road to make way for this development, increasing the congestion in some areas, both the main road and villages are busy most of the day, local travel normally being by small 9-12 seater buses, you will encounter hundreds of these and they weave in and out of the traffic like insects. If you are driving beware of these as they just turn out into the traffic and watch out for the road calming measures, they appear without much warning and the humps are huge.

We escaped the cold of the UK in February and stayed at the Royal Reserve, a small resort on the coast. With temperatures in the high 90°F much of our lazy time was spent in one of the two pools. Staff at this resort and people generally in Kenya were very friendly, and would try to accommodate almost all requirements. The resorts offer a wide range of trips and activities from safari to scuba diving.

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