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Kikambala Beach

Kikambala beach with it's stunning white sandy beach, coconut palms and clear blue sea is the image of the perfect beach. The beach is sandy and wide but can be strewn with flotsam after a high tide, areas controled by the hotels are normally safe and clean.
Most of the beaches are worked by the 'beach boys' whilst many people are intimidated by them, just remember that they are only earning a living, and are generally very pleasent to talk to. They will offer deals for Safari and trips that in many cases are far better value than those offered by the hotels.
Kikambala beach is enclosed by a coral reef, When the tide is out it can be explored on foot. Many of the beach boys will offer to guide you on this, take up their offer, they know the best routes and where to avoid, wear strong sandles or enclosed beach footware a T-shirt, hat and lots of suntan lotion.

kikambala beach
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