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From the mainland to it's many islands, Greece provides an exceptional choice of experiences, sights and activities. The enduring symbols of the Ancient world are spread throughout the country, side by side with modern towns and cities.
Unlike the Spanish costa's much of Greece is still relatively un spoilt. There are areas of large tourist development, but many hotels are family run businesses, smaller and much simpler than their Spanish equivalents. The shopping areas tend to be a little more 'Greek' and the restaurants less 'Full English / Fish and Chips'.
The larger towns and villages have a wide selection of Restaurants, cafes, and bars catering for all tastes, and Greek food comes in so many varieties it will keep even the most demanding traveler satisfied. Towns like Faliraki, on the island of Rhodes are renowned for the party atmosphere, nightclubs and bars. Whilst this suited them in the early 2000's they are trying to shake off the party image now and attract a more family based tourist.

If your passion is history then Greece is steeped in it, In Athens the Parthenon, stands proudly over the city, (probably the one of the most well known buildings in the world). In Rhodes a large collection of tombstones for the Crusaders, can be found, who fled the mainland to settle on the island in 1308. They renamed themselves the Knights of Rhodes, and used the island as a base of operations for attacks on Muslim territory in the Holy Land.

If you are a sun worshiper and you are looking for beaches then Greece has over 12,000 km of coastline, spread out all over Greece and the Greek Islands, so you can be sure that you will be able to find a huge selection of beautiful beaches, clear waters and even the choice of black or golden sand, the waters are warm and many beaches very shallow.

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