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Panagia Katefiani Chapel is preceriously perched on a ledge 200 meters up the Perissa side of Mesa Vouno. The climb is steep but not terribly difficult as long as you stay on the small track.

The small white chapel Panagia Katefiani is a single-aisled vaulted basilica, it was built sometime between 1537-1650, and is a dependent church of the orthodox monastery of prophet Elias near Pyrgos on Santorini. Also known as the Genethlion of Theotokou, or ' Kateuchiani', it is still used for religious celebrations, on September 8th, the day of Virgin Mary's birthday.

The name Katefiani comes from the word 'katefio' meaning refuge or hideaway. The local inhabitants used the chapel for protection from hostile attacks. Many took refuge there during the volcanic eruption of the Kolumbo submarine crater in 1650. Behind the chapel, there is a small cave with a water fountain, the water from this fountain is believed to have therapeutic effects.

Panagia Katefiani Chapel
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