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The Greek Islands

Crete, Skiathos,Lesbos, Rhodes, Corfu, Karpathos, Kos and Santorini, these are just a few of the 1400 islands scattered throughout the Aegean and Ionian Seas. Even more smaller islands and islets are less well known. The Greek islands have now become a well known holiday destination for visitors mainland Greece and all over the world. A stunning 60% of holiday accommodation is now situated on the Greek Islands, and now with a substantial increase in larger all-inclusive operations over the last 10 years, predictable climates, warm waters, and many blue flag beaches, the Greek Islands are inherently popular among families and younger visitors.
An integral part of the culture and tradition of Greece, the Greek Archipelago contributes over 7,000 km of the country's coastline, with fine beaches, sheltered bays, coves, volcanic landscapes and coastal wetlands. Evidence of Ancient Greek, Mediterranean, Ottoman and Arab culture is to be found on almost all of the islands, although apart from the most prestigious sites very little care is taken of them.
Ancient islands economies thrived from trading with surrounding countries and cultures. However in modern history during the 19th and early 20th century's most of the Greek Island's economies were based on seafaring, trading and agriculture. Many of the islands became quite poor.
Modern tourism has changed this substantially, especially since the Greek government actively promoted the Islands. This hasn't totally destroyed the way of life, but has impacted some of the more popular destinations dramatically, it is quite noticeable that towns and villages almost shut down during the winter months with many of the business owners and staff returning to home on mainland Greece and further afield.

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