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Located in the eastern Aegean Sea, Rhodes is the largest and most populated of the Dodecanese islands. The largest town on the island, Rhodes town is both the capital city, and the islands main travel gateway.

Rhodes International Airport, also known as Diagoras" or Diagoras International Airport (IATA: RHO) is located about 14 km southwest of Rhodes town, and just north of the village Paradisi. It is the third busiest airport of Greece. The harbour provides easy access to Marmaris on the east Anatolian coast of Turkey, as well as the nearby islands of Simi, Halki, Kastelorizo.

Old Rhodes is a walled city transformed into a fortified castle by the Knights of the Order of St John between 1309 to 1523. Subsequently coming under the control of the Turkish and Italians, Rhodes old town is a bustling neighborhood of shops and restaurants, all running from the same buildings in which the Knights of St.John lived some six centuries ago.

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