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Rhodes Town
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Rhodes Town

The original city of Rhodes was built around the 4th century BC becoming an important cultural and commercial center, and by the end of the 2nd century BC an established part of the Roman Empire. Destroyed by an earthquake in 515 AD the city of Rhodes was rebuilt by the Byzantine emperor Anastasis. The Roman empire ruled the island with minor disruptions until 1309 AD when it was sold to the Knights of the Ioannites.
The Knights left the imposing walled city as evidence of their presence in Rhodes old town, transforming the walled city into a fortified castle, the Knights of the Order of St John gave the island it's particular character it retains to this day. The thick impregnable walls, gates, churches, hospitals, Inns and palaces, were all part of the towns development by the Crusaders during their occupation that lasted 213 years. On December 29, 1522 after a siege lasting six months the last of the Grand Masters, Villiers de l`Isle Adam, was compelled to surrender the town and island to Suleiman the Magnificent.
After the fall of Rhodes, the Knights were permitted to leave the town peacefully in exile to Malta. With the exception of religious buildings converted to Islamic Mosques, much of architecture of the city has changed little since it was occupied by the Knights. Subsequent occupation by the Turkish and Italians, had a substantial effect on architectual design and decoration in the new city outside of the walled town, but a fairly minor effect on the buildings within it.

Rhodes Town
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