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Lindos Acropolis
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Lindos Acropolis

Visiting the town of Lindos is interesting itself, but the visit can not be complete without visiting the Acropolis. Situated at the top of a triangular shaped rock, overlooking the town and it's two bays, the striking fortified walls leave no misunderstanding of it's purpose. The fortifications as they currently are, were largely built by the Knights of Saint John during the crusades. However as well as the Hellenistic carving of the 2nd century war ship at the base of the stairs, after climbing the stone staircase and entering the fortifications, you are immediately surrounded by the earlier terraces, buildings and structures stretching back to the 1st century BC.

The route to the Acropolyse takes you though the town and is well sign posted on the walls of the shops and houses. At about the midway point you have the option of taking a donkey ride up to the entrance or to continue to walk, (also at this point is the only public toilet, there is nothing else at the top). If you walk then take great care although the path is well used, some of it is quite steep and can be slippery even when dry. The donkey ride finishes at the lower entrance to the fortifications, where you will need to purchase an entry ticket to proceed further.

The trip from the ticket office to the top of the Acropolyse can only be done on foot, there are quite a large number of uneven stairs to climb, no handrail or other method of going either up or down, so do not attempt the climb if you feel unsure, the stairs can also get quite crowded at various times of the day. Take plenty of water and an umbrella/hat if you have one, there are no facilities at the top and very little shade, but the views are excellent.

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