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Located on the southern tip of Portsea Island, Southsea is a 'seaside' resort located alongside Portsmouth, first recorded as the town of Croxton in the early 1800s, Southsea has grown up within the Portsmouth area but since the end of WW2 has established itself more as a holiday resort than a military base. Southsea has been well known over the years for it's diverse and vibrant social scene, the area is home to a wide range of hotels, B&B, independent shops, bars and eateries.
The water-front area, has a wide undeveloped grassed area known as Southsea common, which is an ideal area for open air-shows, family picnics and bbq's. Between Southsea common and the beach runs Clarence Esplanade this road and promenade was built by convict labour in 1848, and named after Lord FitzClarence the former military governor of Portsmouth.
The esplanade is open to trafic with limited parking along it's route, parking is currently free between 6:00pm and 8:00am.
The pebble beach is easily accessible from the promenard along almost the entire expanse of Southsea's southern tip, with excellent views of the Solent, it's Forts and the Isle of Wight
Situated about midway along the coast is the Pyramid center, D-day Museum and the Napoleonic fortification of Southsea castle. Nearby and overlooking the promenade, is the Navel War Memorial. To the Northern end of the area you will find what remains of 'Old Portsmouth' this has been largely re-developed to form the Ferry Port, however there are still some vestiges of the old town to be seen.
The Royal Garrison Church, which was bombed in WWII is open to the public and contrary to what may be expected is still a functional church although the main roof is missing and a great deal of the original building has been destroyed. It's worth a visit the building is now operated by English Heritage with a number of volunteers who can provide a wealth of information and show you some historic features of the building.

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