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Gosport has been associated with the military for many years. Used as part of the arms and supply infrastructure of the Royal Navy, Gosport has seen dramatic change over the last 20 years. Driven by the decline of the military personnel, and associated military support jobs, what was once a thriving and busy town, is now an area in need of substantial re-development.
Improvements have been made to some of the water-front areas, with many of the Napolionic fortifications, installations, and navel establishments having been opened to the public as tourism and heritage sites. The Gosport Submarine Museum and Explosion are both fairly sucessful ventures, but still very much in their infancy. Harbour-front areas have seen some redevelopment. Gosport Marina (Haslar Marina) is fairly popular, as is the new marina at Priddy's hard, both have limited, fractural commercial and residential development, and all the Marina areas are closed to the general public.

The peninsula was known to have been settled in Saxon times, being mentioned in the Anglo Saxon Chronicles, also included in the Domesday Book. Both the Rowner area and Alverstoke, were settlements dating back much earlier than Gosport town. Rowner being the earliest settlement of the peninsula with many Mesolithic finds and the remains of a hunting camp (presently sealed underground) being found.

Gosport Tourist Attractions

A working replica of a 17th Century village, Little Woodham is located on the outskirts of Rowner. It is open to the general public at dates thoughout Spring and Summer, details can be found on their website.
Gosport Town is home to the Royal Navel Submarine Museum and Explosion the award winning museum of naval warfare, situated within 18th century buildings at the Royal Navy's former armaments depot of Priddy's Hard

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