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Corfe Village

Corfe village is situated on the Isle of Purbeck between the towns of Swanage and Wareham, comprising two main streets, East Street (A351) and West Street (B3069), both meeting at 'the Square'. East St the is the main access in and out of the village from Wareham in the North and Swanage in the South, and during the summer mounts gets exceedingly busy. West Street, was once the main street of the Village, originating at Langton Matravis in the South it continues on though the square ending at the Castle entrance.
The church, Post Office, Museum, Public Houses, Shops and Restaurants, are situated around and adjacent to the square, the older part of the village. In the square, is a cross commemorating the 1897 Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria, separating the two streets is an area of land called 'The Halves' or 'Haws', this is communal land, once used for strip farming by the families of the village who would each have had a strip on which to grow their own food. Towards the Square on this center strip of land is Corfe Castle Church.

In 1646 the Roundheads had successfully laid siege to Corfe Castle, and after allowing the Banks family to leave, the Castle was systematically destroyed, much of the stone from it was later used to build the houses in the village.

Corfe Village House
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