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Dartmouth is the home of the Royal Naval College, and has established itself over the years as a strategic maritime town. Best known for the annual Dartmouth Royal Regatta, one of the largest public events in the South West. The Reggata is the second largest after Cowes Week, with the event seeing the towns population swell by approximately 6,000 people.

Dartmouth,s history as a maritime and navel stronghold is sometimes forgotten, It's deep water harbour was chosen in 1147 as the assembly-point for 164 ships departing on the Second Crusade. In the 14th century Dartmouth's ‘shipmen’ led by mayor John Hawley led raids on French ships and ports, this made the town an object of French attack during the Hundred Years War. A fort was built at the entrance of the harbour to repel French attacks, later superseded by the current castle.

The town is vibrant and busy during the summer season with a wide variety of accommodation, shopping, restaurants and cafe's. Close to Devon's best known resort Torquay, Dartmouth offers easy access to the local beaches and holiday hot spots.

Dartmouth Estury from Dartmouth Castle Devon
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